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National Dust III

“Their most recent release and the third CD from NATIONAL DUST includes the songs “Rain Must Fall”, “Southern Pie”, “Burn Down The Highway” & “King Of The Mountain”!!”


‘III’ is the breathtaking hugely enjoyable new twelve track album from US southern rock band National Dust. This album has all the fundamentals I like about albums of this genre that strikes that chord with me for its rich diversity and fun electric energy.

‘Burn Down The Highway’ is a hard hitting stomper right up there with Blackstone Cherry and Electric Mary. This is a fun guitar fuelled rocker. ‘Deal On The Bayou’ slams, I love this track to bits, everything clicks together, superb guitar work, slamming drums and huge raspy vocals. This is a southern rocker and comes at you like a mix of Mr. Big, Blackstone Cherry though to Chickenfoot and Black Country Communion, awesome song, play it loud. ‘Pull The Trigger’ is another fine track, this is another ditty that I can imagine will be awesome live. It smokes, again has a sexy retro vibe, a little Who crossed with 38 Special and maybe even Joan Jett, even though the vocals are male, just got the dirty swagger to it. ‘Rain Must Fall’ is huge, it chugs along at a foot-stomping place and showcases all the elements of sexy retro seventies rock with a little sleazy edge. This is my favourite song on the album, up there with the best of them. ‘You’re Gonna Lose This Man’ is more of the above, this song is quite groovy, very southern tinted with killer guitars and vocals that hit the spot.

There is so much to enjoy from this album.  I’m really excited about this band, musically it’s all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout the CD, we couldn’t ask for more really.  Watch out for National Dust, one to look out for in the future and a band who perform with feeling and style, and that’s a rare thing. National Dust are slick and soulful and deserve to be massive. Europe awaits you fellas.

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The Road Is My Home

“This second CD from NATIONAL DUST is once again an open throttle hell raisin’ good time. Songs Like “Truckerman” and “Ain’t No Sin To Ride” have the raw feel of the open road with the wind in you face and a load full of jack crusin’ down the highway. “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” is every working mans Friday night theme!!!”


A disc that burns with a convincing force, It fittingly begins with a cut called “Trucker Man”, a tune that strongly sets the title’s theme. From that point on, the CD never strays from that comfortably restless feeling that motivates most of us from time to time; the grateful gypsy feeling that opens the window to the world this lifestyle thrives on.  The fourth cut, “Ain’t no Sin to Ride”, is like an anthem, the kind of tune that could-and should-be played loud and often. There are 10 cuts total on the disc and each is a stand-alone work, the kind of music that is genuinely reflective of pure and sincere talent.  National Dust is part of an elite league: the rare breed of musicians who have shunned fads and quick flashes to stick with the kind of Rock and Power that so clearly defines this way of life.

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National Dust

“NATIONAL DUST slam hard like Hell’s Angels with Les Pauls. With a smattering of Seventies blues-rock that explodes like testosterone on steroids, NATIONAL DUST create an intense musical event full of guts and soul.”


The ball busting self-titled debut release by NATIONAL DUST goes for the throat like a junk yard dog! NATIONAL DUST lay down a serious dose right off the bat with opener “Rock Me” demonstrating these boys can throw down with the best of them with a combination of monster guitar riffs and Eric Dust’s built for speed vocals. From there the rocking assault just gets heavier and nastier! Want more proof that NATIONAL DUST can get their rock on?! Check out tracks like, “The South Will Rise”, “Nashville” and the down and dirty swagger of, “Rawbone Rebel”. NATIONAL DUST play with tons of soul, heaviness and a bad ass attitude. If you like you hard rock served with a shot of classic rock southern touch, NATIONAL DUST is the band for you. This album is a must own for music fans who enjoy getting their rocks off to bands like Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and Raging Slab. I look forward to more good things to come from NATIONAL DUST. Welcome to the New Wave of American Rock & Roll!

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