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National Dust — The Road Is My Home
Release date : Apr. 18, 2006
Label : Rock Royalty Records
  1. Trucker Man
  2. Do Me Now
  3. Hard Time
  4. Ain’t No Sin To Ride
  5. Comes Around Goes Around
  6. Drea
  7. The Road Is My Home
  8. All Hells Breakin’ Loose
  9. Backwoods
  10. Kiss The Ring

The Road Is My Home

“This second CD from NATIONAL DUST is once again an open throttle hell raisin’ good time. Songs Like “Truckerman” and “Ain’t No Sin To Ride” have the raw feel of the open road with the wind in you face and a load full of jack crusin’ down the highway. “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” is every working mans Friday night theme!!!”


A disc that burns with a convincing force, It fittingly begins with a cut called “Trucker Man”, a tune that strongly sets the title’s theme. From that point on, the CD never strays from that comfortably restless feeling that motivates most of us from time to time; the grateful gypsy feeling that opens the window to the world this lifestyle thrives on.  The fourth cut, “Ain’t no Sin to Ride”, is like an anthem, the kind of tune that could-and should-be played loud and often. There are 10 cuts total on the disc and each is a stand-alone work, the kind of music that is genuinely reflective of pure and sincere talent.  National Dust is part of an elite league: the rare breed of musicians who have shunned fads and quick flashes to stick with the kind of Rock and Power that so clearly defines this way of life.